The “Happiest Meal”: DIY Vegan Breakfast Muffins (VGGF-Option)

I am a funny vegan. I don’t mean ha-ha funny; I’m pretty sure Andreea will agree with me there that many of my jokes often solicit confused looks because they’re too contrived/abstract, or they receive eye-rolls because they’re far too simple (and potentially a little silly). However, I am a bit funny in the sense […]

Sweet & Savory Satay Tofu BBQ Skewers (VG, GF, Oil-Free)

Yes, you heard correct. BBQ. Last week we actually had some sun and the weather was actually pleasant for a change. Yes of course we were working and weren’t allowed to go outside and actually ENJOY the sunshine, that would be ridiculous! But we were able to escape for a few brief minutes during the […]

Mushroom and Butternut Squash Risotto (VG, GF, oil-free)

Happy Sunday folks! Here we are on the final day of February. In Romania, spring officially starts on 1st March, so I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate us all for making it through the longest winter in the (twenty-first) century. It has not been easy – everyone I spoke to recently has been […]

Crispy Chickpeas and Greens Salad (VG, GF, oil-free)

I don’t know about you, but many people find salads boring or not filling enough. I used to feel the same way a while back, however the best thing about salads is that you can tweak them as you please to make something that is tasty, nutritious and definitely filling. This recipe came out of […]

Ultimate Healthy Vegetable Lasagna (VG, GF-Option, Oil-Free)

Ok I admit it. Lasagna was always going to be one the hardest things I tried to make whole-food plant-based & oil-free. We’re so used to being raised as kids (and then as adults) on that lasagna that’s just come out of the kitchen, the cheese is just bubbling over the edges and it’s just […]

Fluffy, fulfilling, fabulous: Blueberry banana pancakes (VG, Oil-Free)

Ok we did waffles, you’d better bet your bottom we’re not done there! Like all good connoisseurs of breakfast foods, we know that the holy grail of the breakfast table is pancakes. Whether they’re fat & filled with delicious chocolate chips, or thin as crepes smothered in lemon and sugar (or chocolate & hazelnut spread) […]

All-purpose spicy tomato sauce (VGGF)

As you can tell by now, I’m a firm believer that I’m always busy. I’m not, obviously. But the mind is a powerful thing and if you believe you are always busy then it becomes a little bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thus, I become busy. So one of the things I try to do […]

“Sarmale de Post la Slow-Cooker”: Slow-Cooked Romanian Cabbage Rolls (VG, GF, Oil-Free Option)

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Romania. There’s just something wonderful about just about everything that country has to offer. The people are friendly, funny and fiercely intelligent, both countryside and city center have something spectacular to offer and of course… there’s the food. Ever since I travelled to Romania for the […]

Banana bread 2.0 – Winter Lockdown Edition (VG, oil-free)

Aaaand we’re back in lockdown. I mean, it was kind of expected, as there is only as much as society can open up during a pandemic before an effective vaccine has been developed and distributed (at least among key workers and vulnerable populations). But this time schools and universities are staying open for some reason. […]

Energy Boosting Green Smoothie (VGGF)

Do you ever get that afternoon slump, when you’re really struggling to focus and you feel like you are ready for bed, even though it is only 2-3pm? This can easily happen when we are spending our days working at a desk. The human body was not designed for long periods of sitting, and staring […]

Is it good? No it’s wonderFu’! Simple Scrambled Tofu (VG, GF, Oil-Free)

Listen up fancy hotels and restaurant chains! I’m sick to the back teeth of constantly saying “aaaaand… what do you have on the breakfast menu that’s plant based?” and being answered with: “Oh we have some tomatoes… and maybe even a flat mushroom!” “I would offer you the hash browns, but they’re fried with the […]

Quick And Easy Vegan Pad Thai With A Twist (VGGF)

So it’s officially autumn peeps! We’ve had some lovely sunshine in the past few weeks but you can definitely tell that we’re well on our way to winter, with the days getting shorter and the duvet making its way back into the bedroom again (I have to admit I’m pretty chuffed about this one!). Am […]

No-Nonsense Vegan Parm (VG, GF, Oil-Free)

This recipe is for my brother-in-law David, who believes I write too much before actually getting to the recipe. I guess it’s a blessing he’s reading them at all, so I’ll throw him a (vegan) bone here. This Parmesan-style cheesy topping can go on anything as a crust, in creamy sauces for pasta, basically anywhere […]

Super Speedy ‘SOS’ Mixed Bean Chili (VG, GF, Oil-Free Option)

You know when you find yourself in that classic situation, when your sister and brother-in-law are getting a new kitchen put in, and they don’t have access to a cooker / stove / hob, so you offer to cook and drive them loads of food and then you remember at the last minute, feel terrible […]

Cheeky Crunchy Chickpeas (VG, GF, Oil Free)

Serious question… have you ever found yourself in need of a snack? Sorry my bad. Obviously, we all love a good snack-attack, but do you ever find yourself stood in the kitchen, in your Hygge clothes, blanket wrapped around you, Netflix on pause about 5 seconds into the episode, about 1.5/2 hours after dinner thinking… […]

Keepin’ it steamy: Hot breakfast Guac (VG, GF, Oil Free)

Don’t panic! I’m here, normal service can now be resumed! Seriously though it’s been a lovely break for me not having to worry too much about posting; last week was Andreea’s turn to post (and I’m glad she did because that pasta was incredible!) and the weekend before last was simply wonderful. That’s pretty much […]

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta Bake (VG, GF option)

Hi Everyone, Andreea here! It’s been a while since my last post, but I am back with an easy and delicious pasta recipe for you. I. Love. Pasta. And who doesn’t, really?? On Wednesday this week I ended up finishing work about an hour and a half later than I should have (tsk tsk) and […]

Chris’ ‘sort-of-Spaghetti Bolognese’ (VGGF)

As a kid I grew up eating the most amazing variety of foods that my parents, and indeed family, would cook and I’m very grateful that I had that privilege and inspiration from an early age… Ha! Got you! You thought this was going to be a serious, emotional post didn’t you? But in all […]

Quarantine Superstar aka Banana Bread (VG)

If we were to choose one dish to represent the last few months or maybe even 2020 on the whole, it would have to be banana bread. As most of us had to completely overhaul our daily routines and adjust to spending all our time in the same space, we put our metaphorical hats on […]

The Sweet-Tooth Fairy’s No-Bake Oreo Chocolate ‘Cheese’cake (VG)

I don’t know about you guys but is there anything better in this world than a REALLY good dessert? You’ve had a delicious meal, you’ve enjoyed the wine (in my case a bit _too_ much) and now you’re just craving something sweet. I’m not talking light here, by the way. People who like your lemon […]

Super-easy and healthy enchiladas (VG, GF option, Oil Free)

So Chris did the honours and shared our very first recipe here, which is one of our favourite brunch options. That frittata is the best thing to have on a Sunday morning, whether it’s sunny or rainy. Another recipe we fell in love with is inspired by The Happy Pear’s vegan oil-free enchiladas. We love […]

The “Fussy Eater” Frittata (VGGF)

Hola amigos! Welcome to the snug vegans! My name is Chris and I’ll be guiding you through this very first post, and I hope you stick around on this adventure with the both of us in the years to come. Writing the first recipe on a new cooking blog is a daunting task. Do I […]

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