About Us

Hi Everyone!
We’re Andreea and Chris and we are The Snug Vegans 😊 We’ve created this blog in order to share and inspire both friends and not-yet friends to try out fresh, healthy plant-based recipes and adopt healthier habits. If there are any vegan and cruelty-free beauty and home products that we’ve tried and liked, we’ll also review them here, for any of you who are trying to switch to more ethical options.

Andreea is a certified health coach and a happiness advocate. She grew up in Bucharest, Romania, and moved to the UK to study psychology when she was 18. She likes wine, especially if it comes with good company. She loves board games and spending time reading in the sun. Her all-time favourite show is Gilmore Girls, and she is a big fan of Chris’ Oreo cheesecake (followed closely by his cauliflower wings!).

Chris is a social butterfly. He loves to go out, have fun and see friends. He works as a sales engineer in Cambridge and spends his free time blogging here and on PlantBasedSQL.com (nerd alert!), cooking indulgent comfort food and playing video games. His favourite food in the world is Andreea’s quesadillas and he is a big beer lover. If you want to peak his interest, talk to him in German or Romanian and give him a chance to practice!