A weekend in Ketton

In August we went back to(wards) Stamford for another long weekend away. We left on Friday after work and drove to our Airbnb host in Ketton, where we stayed in a lovely garden house. We weren’t as lucky with the weather as we were on our first trip away this summer, but we still had an amazing time. The place was really lovely and sparkling clean, and our hosts were plant-based too, which was pretty cool! Super comfy and with all the amenities needed for a weekend stay. The garden was beautiful, with so many different plants and trees – it felt like a lovely escape from routine.

Once we checked in and dropped our stuff, we drove into Stamford for our first evening meal out since February! We went to Pizza Express as they have a full vegan menu and duh – pizza! We shared the Vegan Garlic Bread and the Dough Balls starters. We’d had the dough balls before, however the garlic bread was new, and we LOVED it (garlic = nom). Then for mains I had the Vegan Giardiniera, which is my favourite option from their menu (even though it’s so hard to choose sometimes!), and Chris had the Vegan Mezze. It was great to be able to go out again, even if it required more preparation and care than in the pre-Corona times.

The next day we drove into Stamford again to get some sourdough from the best local bakery, and we then decided to stop for brunch at a lovely cafe called The Lean Pantry Company. We not only loved that they had a variety of vegan options on their menu, but we had also tried their oat lattes on our first trip to Stamford and they were delish! Chris ordered a Sausage Butty and I ordered the Roasted Garlic Tomatoes, Avocado and Portabella Mushroom (and two oat lattes, of course!). The food took a while to come, but that was actually nice because it was just the two of us upstairs and it allowed us to slow down and enjoy being away from home and having time to relax together. We spent a good hour and a half there and we had a great time, chatting away and enjoying good food and coffee.

We then went back to Ketton, dropped the bread, and went back out for a stroll around the village. Ketton is a really lovely place and very picturesque. We walked around the streets, through the woods and then through a field, and even got to see some cows (to Chris’ content). After our walk we came back to the tiny house, as I had signed up to this amazing two-day online summit – Come Alive – packed-full with inspiring talks, workout sessions, cooking demos, physical and mental wellbeing tips and practical strategies for achieving goals. We had a great time tuning in and I even joined the yoga session. I also entered a competition and won this gorgeous necklace from Mantra Jewellery. For the rest of the evening, we played cards and had some red wine.

On Sunday we had some avo sourdough toast and then went to Rutland Water for a nice long walk. It was such a lovely place and I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before, given that it is just an hour away from our home. When we got back to our Airbnb, we ordered dinner from a place called Street Food Station, which had a few vegan options. We loved their Onion Bhaji burger, and the curly fries and onion rings were good too. It was a nice treat, followed by more card games, Flying the Nest vlogs and wine.

Monday was check-out day, so we packed our stuff and drove to Stamford again for another brunch at The Lean Pantry Co., after which we went to get some more sourdough to bring back with us (some extra loaves to take to family & friends too!). We enjoyed the lovely weather and the almost-clear skies and I honestly cannot get bored of Stamford. It is such a quaint town and it not only has everything you could ask for, but it is also surrounded by beautiful countryside.

We had such a lovely time in Ketton and we will probably venture off towards Stamford again in the coming months for another weekend break. Hope you enjoyed hearing about our final adventure for the summer. Stay tuned to hear about our September Suffolk adventures – Chris will be sharing all about that in next Thursday’s post!