Old Tinny – our very first tiny house experience in Stamford!

Last month, when lockdown restrictions eased in the UK (as in many places around the world), we decided to go on a weekend adventure not too far from home. We came across these wonderful cider huts about 40 minutes away from where we live, just outside Stamford. Even though we didn’t have time to get bored during lockdown because of our house move and our jobs, it was still really lovely to go away and have a change of scenery (and much needed, to be honest!).

The two cider huts – Burghley Mouse and Old Tinny – are located in an apple orchard (hence the name!) among lots of wild flowers. They are beautifully designed and have lots of thoughtful touches. We stayed in Old Tinny, and as soon as we arrived we fell in love with the hut.

We arrived there on Saturday afternoon after a socially distanced birthday visit to Nanny, Chris’ grandmother. The weather was mild and sunny and it felt so nice to have a sense of normality after months of not being able to see family or friends or leave the house for anything other than groceries or exercising.

We knew we had a fridge, toaster and kettle available, so we prepared some food to bring with us. We brought some homemade waffles and sausage rolls, peanut butter, berries, bananas, bagels, artisan vegan cheese from I Am Nut OK (which is amazing, by the way!), crackers, chutney, hummus, olives and some sliced veggies (cucumber, red pepper, cherry tomatoes). And some beer and red wine of course, because holiday!

Another really cool thing about the cider huts is that you get to do a Prosecco challenge, so as soon as we got there and checked out the hut we started hunting for clues, and it was a fun way to ease into our little getaway weekend. We then went for a short stroll around the village, and then came back to the hut to have some cheese, crackers and wine and play cards.

We woke up to glorious sunshine on Sunday morning after it had rained throughout the night, and we got to enjoy some coffee in bed whilst watching our favourite travel vloggers, Flying the Nest. It was so peaceful and the colours of the wildflowers in the orchard were absolutely mesmerising in the morning sun. We had some waffles for brunch with berries, peanut butter and maple syrup (and more coffee), and then decided to go on a longer walk and venture through the wheat fields to a nearby nature reserve, where we even stopped for a picnic. In the evening we ordered a takeaway as we weren’t yet comfortable with going out for a meal. We had some Indian food and played more card games, enjoying being outside in this beautiful orchard and appreciating being able to get away, even if just for a couple of nights.

On Monday we had some bagels with peanut butter & banana for breakfast, then slowly packed up and went into Stamford for some takeaway coffee and delicious sourdough bread from Hambleton Bakery, before heading back home and having a slow afternoon of more games and al fresco dining.

Even though it was a short trip, we had a really great time being away from home after months of being stuck in the house, and our very first tiny house experience was just amazing – we would highly recommend the cider huts to anyone who wants to be in nature whilst still enjoying a high level of comfort and privacy, and being close enough to a beautiful town like Stamford.

Now we just need to find another free weekend to go back!